Monday, August 21, 2006, posted by Q6 at 9:44 PM
For our first anniversary*, I took my girlfriend to the musical currently playing at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles, "Curtains!" It was a wonderful evening, and for three very good reasons.

First, the play was great. David Hyde-Pierce led a great cast through some truly excellent musical numbers. There was a lot more dancing than I thought there would be, and I didn't read a whole lot about it before we went, so I was pleasantly surprised at both the quality of the production AND at the fact that I didn't know "whodunnit" until the reveal.

The second reason this night was so cool was that I got to spend it with my girlfriend. We don't get to go to the theater--well, at all, really--but if going to the theater with her is like that, then we should and we must go more often.

Finally, and probably most importantly, the whole evening came together brilliantly. In a past life, I would have been concentrating so much on getting from Orange County to Downtown L.A. in time for the dinner reservations, parking, getting through dinner in time for the show, and all the little details that I wouldn't have enjoyed the evening. Last night, however, it all came together without any worrying at all. Me, I think that has just as much to do with who I was with as it does the man I am now, but either way the evening just kinda happened all by itself. And that's the best kind of evening to have, I think.

*My girlfriend and I have been going out for a whole year now--an actual year, not some We're celebrating our four-month 'anniversary' thing . . . don't people know the etymology of the word??